Cameo Appearances

Here are appearences in promotional reels for music videos, events, groups, and artists that Xzist has collaborated with.

Vau de Vire Society - Edwardian Ball 2017 Promo

2017 San Francisco, CA

Vau de Vire Society - Edwardian Ball 2017 Highlights

2017 San Francisco, CA

Pee-Wee's Burlesquehouse

2017, PDX & SF

Rachel Lark - The Unicorn Song

2020 Music Video with Fou Fou Ha!

Fou Fou Ha - The 24 Carrot Show

2017 Vancouver, BC

Lagunitas Beer Circus

2016, Coney Island, NY

Freeky Deeky Winter Masquerade

2013 Oakland, CA

Lagunitas Beer Circus

2016 Chicago, IL

Carnival Fantastique

2013 @ Masquerotica in San Francisco, CA

Hell in the Armory

2014 Vau de Vire Society production at in San Francisco, CA

Fou Fou Ha! "In Living Colors"

2014 San Francisco, CA

Burnal Equinox

2015 Burning Man: Carnival of Mirrors in San Francisco, CA

Art & Soul Festival

2012 Oakland, CA

Tourettes Without Regrets

September 2017 Oakland, CA

Frak - Rapping Bout Rap

2015 Official Music Video shot by Jamie DeWolf & Adam Parmalee

Burning Man - Carnival of Mirrors

2015 in Black Rock City, NV

Game of Thrones Live

2013 in Oakland, CA

Xzist @ 02:57

2014 @ Burning Man Precompression in Oakland, CA. Trashkan Marchink Band performance

Tourettes Without Regrets

2016 April Highlights in Oakland, CA

Tourettes Without Regrets

2013 November Highlights in Oakland, CA

Tourettes Without Regrets

2013 December Highlights in Oakland, CA

Improv Everywhere - The Mute Button

2011 in Brooklyn, NY

Rasa Vitalia - Make the Quake

2015 Official Video in San Francisco, CA

Fou Fou Ha! - Rage!

2013 @ Burning Man

Illuminertia - Asasha

2016 Official Music Video

Klingon Vanna White

2014 Who is the Klingon Behind the Sequins? The Klingon "Vanna White" backstory in San Francisco, CA

Burning Man Decompression

2015 in San Francisco, CA

Tourettes Without Regrets

2016 June Highlights in Oakland, CA

Lagunita's Beer Circus

2015 Petaluma CA

Beyond Wonderland

2015 Insomniac's Beyond Wonderland in Northern California

Outside Lands Festival

2014 San Francisco, CA

AlterCross @ Deshutes Brewery

2016 in Bend, Oregon

Burnal Equinox; Roboto Oblongota

2018 Burning Man event  in San Francisco