Stage Acts

Here are videos of live shows from different events including solo, duet, and group performances. These videos include a variety of dance, burlesque, comedy & theatre.

Pee-Wee Herman's Tequila Burlesque

2014 @ Master Mondo's Halloween Cabaret in San Francisco, CA.

Prince Xzist in "I'm Not In Love"

2014 @ Tourettes Without Regrets in Oakland, CA. Debut of this number

Prince Xzist in "Rock Fosse"

2014 @ Burning Man, Star Star Roadhouse camp. Debut of this number

Jon Snow & the Testing of the Oath

2015 @ Kinky Salon in San Francisco, CA. Game of Thrones act of Jon Snow

Xzist & Dottie - Burlesque Duet

2013 @ Seduction Feroce in Oakland, CA. Valentines Burlesque Duet

Xzist & Miss Tasty in Gallery Piece

2013-15 Compilation Reel of all performances done together

Prinz Xzist vs. Bizarro Superman

2015 @ Superhero Streetfair in San Francisco

Prince Xzist "Man in the Mirror

2015 @ Burning Man with The Vau de Vire Society & Bad Unkle Sista at Dustfish

Prinz Xzist - Bboylesque

2016 @ $5 Burlesque in Oakland, CA

Jon Dutch vs. Prinz Xzist

2015 @ The White Album Xmas Show in Portland, Oregon

Fou Fou Ha! Drag Bboy Battle

2014 @ In Living Colour in San Francisco, CA. Theatre production by Fou Fou Ha!

Lil' Bump in Antichrist Superstar

2014 @ A Very Blasphamous Mass in Oakland, CA. First solo act as a Fou

Fou Fou Ha!

2014 @ The Edwardian Ball in San Francisco. Xzist's first group performance with Fou Fou Ha!

Fou Fou Ha!

2016 @ The Edwardian Ball in San Francisco

Worst Sex Story Dance Interpretation

2013 @ Tourrette's Without Regrets in Oakland, CA. Fuck Valentines Day Special, Improv dance interpretation of worst sex story

Pee-Wee Herman Stand up

2015 @ North Bay Cabaret in Santa Rosa, CA.

Sex Bombe's Herr Xzisterrian

2015 @ SF Burnal Eqionox: The Flambe Funhouse! in San Francisco, CA. Sex Bombe Kabaret solo act